Creating a Productive Morning Routine

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Julia Chinchelli
March 4, 2020

At some point in our lives, we have all tried to master the perfect morning routine in order to become more productive and efficient. It is, after all, the most essential part of the day and it does set the tone for everything that follows. We are always looking for ways to maximize our energy with limited time available to achieve both our personal and professional goals.

For as long as I can remember I have dreaded waking up with the screeching sound of an alarm and most of all before sunrise. Once I got my first job, I had no choice but to become an early riser even though mornings really weren’t my thing. I found myself reading through several articles, books and even studies that claimed to have the ultimate guide, the best kept secrets on how to transform yourself and begin your journey as a morning person. Well, after a couple of years of trial and error I discovered that once you personally decide to manage and establish a regimen, your body begins to follow, however it does take time, patience and most importantly self-control. Of course this wasn't something that just happened, it definitely took strength but most of all it had to be deliberate. It is extremely important to understand what works for you and how your body responds.

Create your morning routine

When I began researching the perfect guide of how to become a morning person, I quickly realized that not everything worked for me. I began to notice what was necessary in contributing to an efficient and productive morning. It is crucial to understand how your body reacts to certain tasks and how you can benefit from them. Here is what I did and what you can try to get out of bed each morning and take charge of your morning routine.

  1. Plan the night before. The more I can minimize morning stress, the better I go about my day. Take a look at your schedule for the following day, take advantage of the extra time before you go to bed and help yourself out. Maybe you will have less time at home in the morning and you can avoid rushing and being late by doing a few simple things. Pack your gym back, pre-make breakfast/lunch or just set your coffee timer. These small tasks take up time even if we don’t notice and by taking a few moments to prepare before-hand will prevent unnecessary obstacles.
  2. Do not hit the snooze button. It definitely sets the wrong tone for the rest of the day and worst of all triggers “lazy mode”. It may be difficult in the begging to refrain from it, but if you don’t you might risk falling behind with your morning schedule and be late to everything that follows.
  3. Have a real breakfast. The first meal of the day is particularly important. It helps recharge your body after a nights sleep. You need a healthy breakfast that will provide fuel you’ll need to concentrate and get your energy going. Do something something relaxing, enjoy no screen time  while eating, it will set a positive tone for your day. Try avoiding a heavy meal, especially processed carbs that can affect your energy levels.
  4. Write a to-do list. It will help put your schedule into motion. I firmly believe that completing the biggest task at hand first, will bring a bigger sense of accomplishment and make you feel better. By starting the day right at home you can quickly motivate and maintain your productiveness at work and if you assign specific time slots to your list, you will avoid multitasking.
  5. Exercise. Hit the gym, go to pilates, make sure to get your body moving before beginning the day. Exercising first thing in the morning will guarantee you have time for it, while improving your productiveness and energy all day long.
  6. Get better sleep. If you aren’t getting a good night’s sleep, you aren’t going to have a productive morning. Your will-power to get up in the morning will be affected, you won’t be able to concentrate on your priorities and tasks. Unfortunately your productivity and energy levels will be severely lacking. Since you already have an alarm each morning, set a time you would like to be in bed each night. Having a scheduled routine will bring countless advantages and with time your body will adapt and strive.

You are solely responsible for starting your morning, figuring out your purpose and how waking up early will help you accomplish it. By knowing what your morning priorities are, you will establish a commitment with yourself and have the opportunity to feel fulfilled after concluding them. What will help you begin the day with the right foot forward?

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